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Pointers for existing CCI co-counsellors

Are you a CCI co-counsellor?

If you comply with A Definition of CCI then you are. You do not need to be involved with any local organisation of CCI co-counsellors in order to be a member of CCI, though, of course, if you are then that is a good way of keeping in touch with local CCI co-counsellors and events.

As a member of CCI you are generally warmly welcome to all CCI events anywhere in the world and to subscribe to any CCI newsletters, email list and web sites.

If you are

This site is a good place to start. It has a public part and a part that is only for CCI co-counsellors. It has a list of events as well as information and discussion groups. To access the private part including listings of events for CCI co-counsellors you need to register with the site. Click on "Log in - Register" and go the the "Create new account" tab.

This page has links to contacts for CCI around the world and information about other CCI resources on the Internet.

The Contact People listed here should be able to let you know what is happening in their area and put you in touch with other co-counsellors. If there is not much going on in your area, then do come to events elsewhere to meet up with other co-counsellors.

There is an email list for co-counsellors which you can register for here.

There is a paper newsletter for CCI in the UK called "One to One" that aims to come out 4 times a year. The current subscription is £5 for four issues (for UK subscribers). Contact Margaret Christie to subscribe

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Updated: 12th June 2022