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Co-Counselling Core training courses in the UK

These courses in the fundamentals of co-counselling require a minimum of 40 hours of training. In addition there will be a requirement to have practice sessions. There may also be additional requirements for integrating into the co-counselling network. Successful completion of any of these courses leads to membership of Co-Counselling International.

It does not matter which of these courses you take, whichever is convenient geographically or by dates. When you complete the course the teacher will help you to get into contact with other co-counsellors where you live.

Source: CoCoInfo.

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In areas where no courses are available, if there is a group of people wanting to learn co-counselling, then they should be able to find a teacher who will come to them. See the list of teachers (for the UK). Where this is not practical another possibility, for groups that are prepared to work as self learning groups and take responsibility for all the practicalities, is to do a course tutored over the Internet, see this web page for further information.

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